Earth Day in the Community

20170422_125839_Burst01Earth Day 2017. Beautiful Alleyways, an initiative of the Gibson and Landsdale (GALA) Community Planning Team, organized alleyway clean ups across the city–especially the east end of Hamilton which has 2/3 of Hamilton’s alleyways! We attended the “after clean up” pizza event where we spoke to individual residents about the Friendly Streets project and what we are hoping to do during the pilot with the help of community. Again, we heard support for a “greenway” cycle track.” This is not news though. East-end neighbours have been romancing the idea for many, many years and the Cycling Master Plan even mentions it–but not more than just that. It’s an appealing idea, especially as there are folks who have identified “Hospital Alley,” an alleyway that runs from Cannon up to the General Hospital. There is no infrastructure for cycling connecting Cannon to the hospital, but an alley way could serve that purpose. That, or put bike lanes on West Avenue North, a street that is not very busy.

On the way down to the Beasley Fair (put on by the Neighbourhood Association), we noted, while waiting at the bus stop, the lack of cycling infrastructure at Barton at Birch Ave. We counted a person per minute–all very vulnerable, cycling along this dangerous stretch.

At the Beasley Fair, we had a great time learning about the exciting projects that are happening, such as the City of Hamilton’s Pop Up Park, planned to be established in a parking lot at Rebecca and John St., Path to 4o: Beasley Youth Asset initiative, the Gallery Alley, and other projects on the go. We picked up a copy of the newly realized Beasley Neighbourhood Plan as well.



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