100 in 1 day: Making Wentworth N. a FriendlyStreet.

Kids at play. Cars move quickly around the bend!!

June 3rd. Friendly Streets  participated in the 100 in1day of civic engagement.  Our intervention was making Wentworth St. North (at Mars St.) a friendly street for walking and cycling along.

Mars at Wentworth needs a pedestrian crossing because it is heavily used by pedestrians, making their way over from the park to the Eva Rothwell Centre across the road. Apparently, one child was hit a few years ago, crossing the road here.

We called over the many neighbourhood kids playing around in the park, and on the streets. They chalked the sidewalks while we put in a mock pedestrian crossing. We also used orange cones to slow traffic, in particular, slow down cars making a left hand turn onto Mars. The impact was immediate! Cars slowed down and proceeded with caution.

We are now following up with local residents and ward councillor Matt Green on this issue and supporting the efforts that have already been done to help move this forward!

Kids riding bikes on Wentworth St. North. Cars speed on this street to Burlington St.

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