Lessons from Montreal

A Street corner in the Mile End Neighbourhood, Montreal.

Last week, Friendly Streets Hamilton staffer, Beatrice, was in Montreal and had an opportunity to observe some of the neat street design, traffic calming tactics and public art that make this city so great for walking and cycling. Here is what she writes:

Beatrice. Feeling fly.

Okay, so I admit it. I’m jealous.  The streets there are vibrant and exciting to walk along (it’s summer, right?). Lots of tree canopy, lots of protected bike lanes (on many occasions, I felt that drivers here seem to anticipate bike riders and  drive accordingly).

I noticed habitat along city streets as well, bump outs for traffic calming and areas where the speed limit is 30km/h. I wandered along Sherbrooke to see the international public art display and got really excited by the fabulous street art, murals over all, that Montreal boasts.

The transit is not as good as ours (ha!) aside from their social bike program which is way cheaper, at $5 a day! (they also don’t do garbage and recycling well, let it be known).

Public Art: Montreal

To be honest, i felt that some parts of Montreal felt like our beloved #hamOnt. There was that authenticity about some of the places I visited that I really enjoyed. I want to see more public art in Hamilton though, and I plan to write about this topic in future posts. But do check out some of the neat art that we have in our environs. Not too shabby huh?


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