Let’s Green the Cannon Cycle Track (literally)!


There will be one community cycling tours for our project area, with specific stops in each neighbourhood:

  • Strathcona – 5:00PM at Central Park near entrance on Caroline St. N.
  • Walking Tour for all – 5:00PM at Cannon/Mary
  • Beasley – 5:30PM at Cannon/Mary
  • Gibson Landsdale – 6:00PM at Cannon/Wentworth

Residents will cycle together and will be stopping at three of the most unsafe intersections (Cannon at Mary/Wentworth/Sherman) to participate in activities focusing on green paint for improve safety, friendly streets in Hamilton, and stronger arterial commuter routes that are well-connected.

When: Tuesday July 25th (from 5-7pm)

Do you use the Cannon Cycle Track? Please provide feedback through email (info@cyclehamont.ca).

Note: The ask for the campaign is to implement green pain on unsafe intersections on the Cannon Cycle Track. Stay tuned for a petition that is in the works!




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