Neighbourhood Traffic Calming 101

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming 101

Here’s what you will learn:

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming 101
A workshop hosted by Community Skill Building Network and Friendly Streets Hamilton

Streets should be safe for all ages and abilities to walk and cycle. If you’ve ever wanted to request a traffic calming measure in your neighbourhood but are confused by the formal process for doing so, please join us on Thursday, October 19th for a capacity-building workshop.

What to expect:
The workshop covers understanding the City’s Traffic Calming Management Policy and Strategic Road Safety Program. It will provide a detailed overview of the current process and structure by which the City responds to neighbourhood traffic issues or requests for traffic calming measures. You will also learn about how you can engage with your neighbours and neighbourhood association to secure safer streets for walking and cycling.

Following a presentation by David Ferguson, Superintendent of Traffic Engineering – City of Hamilton, roundtable hands-on, discussions will cover these topics:
1. What are the various traffic calming designs and how do you prioritize them at the neighbourhood-level?
2. Conduct a street audit to evaluate the safety and vibrancy of the intersection of James St. N. and Barton St. W.
3. Design a form or process for a Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan
4. Redesign a street that is safe for walking and cycling

Thursday, October 19th
6:30 – 8:30PM

294 James St. N (Evergreen Storefront).



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