We are back! Friendly Streets continuing in 2018

We are back! After a little dry spell of a couple months, we are happy to let Friendly Streets’ lovers know that our project has secured some funding to tide us over until November 2018. Our project will continue to support local leadership for friendly streets in our pilot neighbourhoods of Beasley and GALA, as well as advance our efforts in the area around the Hamilton General Hospital.

In particular, we will be working with:

1. The Hamilton General Hospital “Working Group” towards a pedestrian crossing on Victoria Street North at Copeland, where a pedestrian was hit by a car. This is a natural foot-route to the hospital entrance from the parking lot and the community has expressed great concern and a desire for a safe crossing.

We are also exploring alternative pathways/alleyways for walking and cycling to the hospital and Barton Village BIA. The goal of this “mini-pilot” is to look at ways that we can use existing space in the city, like alleyways, for healthier active travel routes. We will be hosting a “Jane’s Ride/Walk” on May 6th to share details about this mini-pilot and how you can get involved. Stay tuned for details.

In keeping with the grand vision of a “Hospital Zone” for this area, like the Hospital Zone near the Vancouver General Hospital , we will be exploring how to achieve this goal with the Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green and the community, including beautification (tree planting, pollinator attracting gardens and the possibility of art).

2. Beasley Neighbourhood Association: Friendly Streets Cafe
This little group is focusing on traffic calming on Wilson Street. We are also looking at improving safety along Wellington Street (e.g., Cannon Cycle Track, truck routes) and safety improvements to Cannon Street for people who walk and bike.

3. GALA Community Planning Team: Friendly Streets Cafe
We are going to be looking at dealing with truck route issues on Wellington Street. We are also open to working on other areas of concern that may be identified by community members.

4. Finally,  we have a new piece that we are adding to the project! We’ll be integrating air quality data collection into the street audits that we’ve been doing in our project area. Community members will learn about urban air quality challenges in the downtown core and measure PM2.5 along roads that are frequently used by people who walk and bike. We’ll also be inviting community members to explore and map active travel routes with better air quality. We hope that residents will become more aware of Hamilton’s urban air quality challenges and, more specifically, air quality conditions in their own neighbourhood. Residents will have the opportunity to reflect on and make commitments to change any behaviours that might contribute to urban air particulate pollution levels.

Thanks to the  Hamilton Community Foundation for their support so that we can make this happen!



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