June 2 – A whole day of community engagement!

100in1Day Hamilton is an annual celebration where communities around the country work together to host interventions that bring the community together and improve their city. Interventions can range from environmental and educational to social initiatives. Held on June 2, it also coincided with the annual Barton Village Festival. With over 115 interventions registered in Hamilton, as well as a variety of fun and family-friendly activities on Barton Street, it was a day to enjoy the warm weather and vision a better and thriving community in Hamilton.

Beatrice (left), Project Manager with Environment Hamilton, and Geetha (right), our Active Transportation Summer Intern, at the Barton Village Festival.

Of these, the Friendly Streets and Trees Please projects of Environment Hamilton and Cycle Hamilton hosted interventions to help share about the work that we’re doing and engage our neighbours in improving our communities. Friendly Streets Hamilton gathered information and feedback through an interactive map that allowed the community to share about their experiences in the Barton Village Business Improvement Area, including what they enjoyed about their neighbourhoods and what improvements we could make. By connecting with people who live, work, and play in Barton Village, we were able to engage with a variety of members from this community, from kids playing in the park, residents walking and biking to school, to the senior community residing in the area. Through connecting with the residents, we were able to gather eye-opening feedback.

With regards to mobility, several members mentioned the need for bike lanes in certain areas, having plant partitions or some sort of protective measure to separate automobiles from bike lanes.Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.34.15 PM The relationship between vehicles and people on bikes was brought up multiple times, with people mentioning that drivers needed to pay attention to and respect bike lanes. Residents noted the need for greater enforcements surrounding stop & rolling cars, noting cars especially did not come to complete stops around bike lanes or when they are near people on bikes, which puts people at risk. The use of alleys also came up frequently, with residents noting they enjoyed various alleyways as a space for walking and cycling, including the alley east of Victoria that runs to king. The theme of traffic calming was significant through several conversations, with several residents mentioning the need for speed bumps, as well as increased signage and signals. Examples of this were noted at James and Barton, where it was noted that there were not enough signals for the volume of traffic at that intersection, as well as at Brock and Catherine, where cars often did not recognize the bike lanes and drove into them.

With a similar activity hosted at the Bike to Work day event, we noticed several of the sentiments from our intervention echoed the comments and concerns raised at the Bike to Work day event. Alongside this intervention was our Trees Please activity, where we held a tree identification activity, discussed tree planting initiatives, and air quality with residents. Through the connections made with community residents, as well as fellow intervention hosts connecting with us, we were able to identify both the highlights and enjoyable areas and aspects of Barton, areas of concern, and how to make the neighbourhood and commutes safer and more enjoyable. This will better contribute to our understanding of mobility in the Barton Village area, as well as the solutions that are needed and opportunities that can be explored to make it safer for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike.

Geetha engaged residents by using our interactive desire map to better understand neighbourhood mobility concerns and opportunities.



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