Wever Core: Friendly Streets Talks to Parents and Students

October 2nd–Friendly Streets recently had the opportunity to attend Wever Core, a celebration of the Cathy Wever Elementary School. We talked to parents, students, teachers, and residents who live in the neighbourhood, inviting them to share their concerns about the streets around the school, in particular, Wentworth St. N.

20181002_162820 (1)
Volunteer, Alexander talks to parents (Cathy Wever School).

We gathered suggestions for opportunities to enhance the safety and friendliness for walking and biking in the area. Not surprisingly, many similar concerns emerged. The most common worries include:
-Aggressive driving on Wentworth Street
-Speeding traffic on Wentworth Street
-Sidewalk width is way too narrow. Kids walk to school on narrow streets (Wentworth, going North).

Other concerns include:

-People shortcutting through the parking lot
-On rainy days, Wentworth Street becomes a puddle trap. You get drenched!
-No bike lane

-Tim Hortons on Sanford is an issue, cars go the wrong way (one-way street). Drugs and people doing needles were mentioned.

We learned that many years ago, parents and teachers petitioned the city for a pedestrian crossing on Wentworth, to the school. The City said kids and parents should cross at the lights. We also that Cathy Wever School is named after a police officer!

We left with a clear understanding that parents are not happy with the current state of affairs, and that much needs to be done to make the streets safer for walking and cycling.


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