Beasley Neighbourhood Mobility Survey: Engagement Results

Over the past several months, Friendly Streets has supported the Beasley Neighbourhood Association (BNA) in bringing together residents who want to improve walking and biking conditions in their neighbourhood. Objectives of the Beasley Neighbourhood Plan include Vision Zero and Maintaining & Expanding Cycling Infrastructure.


The working group of residents met regularly over Summer 2018 to determine what concerns need to be addressed and how action could be taken to secure safer, friendlier streets in the neighbourhood.   The group landed on the idea of implementing a traffic management plan, similar to the plan that was implemented in the North End neighbourhood.  The group thought that a plan focused on mobility solutions instead of traffic management might better improve conditions for active travel and prioritize the safe and efficient movement of people through the neighbourhood without narrowing the lens to car-oriented travel.

To start the process of creating a shared vision for mobility in the neighbourhood, the BNA Mobility working group developed and launched the Beasley Neighbourhood Mobility Survey in September 2018 to get more feedback from neighbours about the current issues and priorities for improvement.

Beasley Survey Postcard (2)

The BNA Mobility working group wanted to know:

What would make your mobility in Beasley safer, more enjoyable, and more convenient? Share your concerns and ideas with us to contribute to our vision and plan of neighbourhood mobility.

The survey received 76 responses and here are some interesting results:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.33.15 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.50.09 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 2.50.25 PM

When given a list of improvements to prioritize, the top 5 priorities that emerged:

  • Snow removal from sidewalks in winter (67% strongly agree)
  • Improved air quality (66% strongly agree)
  • Lower speeds on roads (54% strongly agree)
  • More trees and shade (51% strongly agree)
  • Level, wider sidewalks (50% strongly agree)

People who responded to the survey were also given an opportunity to share their experience of walking, cycling, taking transit, or driving in Beasley and were encourage to describe problem areas in the neighbourhood. The most frequently named roads that were problematic were Cannon St., Wilson St., and King St.

To better understand what the concerns were on specific streets, Friendly Streets facilitated a participatory mapping exercise at the BNA meeting on October 10.  Residents were asked to identify (2) areas that were problematic and/or unsafe and (2) areas that were designed well and/or safe, then were asked to share (1 to 3) comments on those selected areas about what worked well and what needed to be improved.

The BNA Mobility working group will be meeting on November 1st to review survey data and the look at the feedback from the participatory mapping exercise.  If you are a Beasley resident and passionate about improving mobility, you are more than welcome to join the working group!  Please email for more details.


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